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A Mortgage Connection Update


2016 is off and running (although slower than most would hope for!) This newsletter will provide you with some helpful insight on how to use your mortgage during this downturn, along with mortgage and housing updates.


Mortgage Connection - Calgary's Mortgage Brokerage

Hey Department of Finance... that’s a little too tight! I can’t breathe

The Department of Finance Announces Sweeping Changes to the Mortgage Lending Landscape.

In an attempt to cool hot real estate markets in Vancouver and Toronto, on Monday, October 3, 2016 the Department of Finance once again announced sweeping changes to the mortgage lending landscape.  The full release can be read here.

We were quick to send out the news on our social media but have waited to send out a Mortgage Update until now while we gathered some further insight and ran some numbers (we’re always doing math!)

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Rates Are Moving (and what that means)

A big bank increases rates and they get a lot of press. Our last communication in October predicted this, so we are not surprised (and it is great to give insight that turns out correct, because looking through the rate crystal ball is never easy).  So why the increases, what do they mean, and is it time to panic?