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  • Start of 2017
    Start of 2017
    08 May 2017
    2017 is off and running and it is the start of a “new lending reality”. The fourth quarter of 2016 saw further big changes to the mortgage lending landscape. The Federal Government, along with OSFI (the Wizard of Oz of the Canadian financial institutions) continue to make regulatory changes that impact Canadians....
  • Building the Rink in Inglewood
    Building the Rink in Inglewood
    Kids need outdoor places.  They are essential for development, a sense of community and worth. The community of Inglewood received a government grant to construct a new outdoor rink, but they were still short funds and would lose the grant without the additional monies. Mortgage Connection donated $10,000.00 to kickstart the fundraising and also campaigned other local...
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