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Can I Use Gift Funds for My Down Payment?

Posted on | Chris Lew | Uncategorized

Ensuring you have enough funds for a down payment can be daunting, especially for first time home buyers. To help mitigate the financial strain a down payment can cause many families of first time home buyers offer to contribute funds towards the down payment. While it is possible to use gifted funds as part or […]

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Is the Lowest Mortgage Rate Always the Best Choice?

Posted on | Joe Jacobs | Uncategorized

For a lot of people looking to acquire a mortgage, the math seems pretty simple: A mortgage with a lower interest rate means that you will end up spending less money than a mortgage with a higher one. However, choosing a mortgage simply because it offers the lowest rate is not always the best course […]

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Should I Wait for my Mortgage to Mature?

Posted on | Josh Higgelke | Uncategorized

A lot of people ask if it is best to wait for their mortgages to mature before making any changes to it. The answer to that question depends on what your current mortgage looks like. Anyone who is considering breaking their current mortgage should take a good look at their present conditions first, and compare […]

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