Franciele Nogueira, Mortgage Broker

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Franciele Nogueira

Mortgage Broker

Cell: 250-513-0568

About Franciele:

Location: Alberta & British Columbia

Franciele is a professional mortgage broker with a passion and zeal to help customers. She had graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree in Sao Paulo, Brazil before moving to Canada.

In pursuit of the Canadian dream, Franciele studied Financial Management at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Vancouver, she began working in the banking industry as a teller. Before long, she had scaled the corporate ladder to the position of a financial advisor working with Mortgages and Investments.

Her decision to take up a new journey as a mortgage broker was inspired by the birth of her daughter. Franciele finds helping people realize their homeowner dreams incredibly rewarding. She wants her clients to feel appreciated and cared for through the entire process of home acquisition.

This Brazilian national expresses a great love for Canada, its people, and their traditions. Outside her busy professional life, Franciele loves to unwind by spending time with her family, cooking, and engaging in outdoor local activities like camping, snowboarding, and boating.

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