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Everyone has financial goals, but not everyone has the plan to reach them. Refinancing your mortgage could be an excellent way to lower your payments, reduce repayment times, and so much more.

Visit Mortgage Connection today to talk about your goals, your needs, and the current status of your mortgage. Together, we’ll develop a plan to put you on the right financial track.

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The team at Mortgage Connection are quite literally heroes without capes.

No matter how complex refinancing your mortgage might seem, we’re here by your side to give you the best information to make the right decisions.

All you have to do is contact us, and we can take care of the rest.

How to Refinance Your Home

The goal of refinancing a mortgage is to renegotiate your mortgage agreement to help consolidate debts, lower your monthly payments, or even access your home equity for future financial goals.

Whatever your reason is for refinancing your home, we’re here to help.

First, we need to know what your goal is and what sort of equity you already have in your home. We’ll take a look at your current mortgage, ask you some questions about what you’d like to accomplish, and help walk you through the next steps from there.

Even if you’re refinancing, you’ll still need to qualify as if you were applying for a new mortgage. 

We’ll take you through the application, help you choose the best lender and mortgage product for your needs, gather all the necessary paperwork, and possibly appraise your home to determine its current value.

After connecting with a lawyer of your choice, they will ensure your current lender is paid, your new lender is added to the title, and you meet all other conditions for the mortgage.

From here, you can use the proceeds however you’d like!

What Are the Benefits?

Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Your mortgage may be amortized for longer than you’d prefer. Refinancing could let you switch to a shorter period at lower rates, so you pay it off faster without raising payments.

Get Better Interest Rates

Lenders don’t always tell you that the best option is to get a new lower rate, so refinancing allows you to compare offers from different lenders for the most competitive deal.

Access Your Equity

Refinancing your mortgage lets you access up to 80% of your home’s value, making it a cost-effective way to fund renovations, reduce higher interest debts, and more.

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Mortgage Connection is ready to hand you the keys to a brighter, more financially stable future.

Learn more about how refinancing your home can help you achieve your goals, and contact us today!

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