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Kevin MacKenzie, Mortgage Broker

Kevin MacKenzie

Mortgage Broker

Kevin joined the Mortgage Industry after an extensive career in the Oil and Gas sector in both sales and management roles. This exper...
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Mike Evans, Mortgage Broker

Mike Evans

Mortgage Broker

Mike has been delivering exceptional service to Albertan’s in the financial services industry for over 20 years. As a mortgage broker ...
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Courtney Jackson, Mortgage Broker

Courtney Jackson

Mortgage Broker

Courtney has a passion for people and understanding and explaining mortgages comes naturally.  With a background in accounting and yea...
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Shawn McCord, Mortgage Broker

Shawn McCord

Mortgage Broker

Shawn has been providing impressive service for 20 years, mostly in the oil and gas sector. The mortgage business has always been of k...
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Monsy Lopez, Mortgage Broker

Monsy Lopez

Partner/Mortgage Broker

Monsy began her mortgage career in 2010 with a top 5 bank and quickly became a nationally recognized and top performing individual. Sh...
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Paulman Cheuk, Mortgage Broker

Paulman Cheuk

Partner/Mortgage Broker

Paulman sees being a mortgage broker as an opportunity to help people make one of the most important financial decisions in their life...
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Robby Aurora, Mortgage Broker

Robby Aurora

Managing Partner/Mortgage Broker

Robby has been a Mortgage Broker since 2009. He is an expert in both residential and commercial mortgage loans. As a Managing Partner ...
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Aric Taylor, Mortgage Broker

Aric Taylor

Mortgage Broker

Aric is both a mortgage broker and a pilot with a Calgary based airline. Aviation has afforded him the flexibility to develop a concur...
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Mike Stack, Mortgage Broker

Mike Stack

Mortgage Broker

Mike is always learning and multi-talented. He initially became licensed as a Mortgage Broker in 2005, not for a career but to learn t...
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Samuel Liscano, Mortgage Broker

Samuel Liscano

Mortgage Broker

Samuel grew up around the mortgage business and learned a lot through osmosis watching and learning from his mortgage broker mother as...
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Mitch Chicoine, Mortgage Broker

Mitch Chicoine

Partner/Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Mitch has been in the financial industry for over 13 years, working at various financial institutions until he ended up makin...
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Olivia Ohuegbe, Mortgage Broker

Olivia Ohuegbe

Mortgage Broker

Olivia has a strong education background holding multiple degrees in Economics and Finance. She began her career in the banking world ...
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Heather Natividad, Mortgage Broker

Heather Natividad

Mortgage Broker

A former teacher of 15 years, Heather joined the mortgage industry in 2008. Her inspiration for becoming a Mortgage Broker was born af...
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Josh Higgelke, Mortgage Broker

Josh Higgelke

Managing Partner/Broker of Record

Josh is a natural leader and driven entrepreneur. It is fitting that he is a Managing Partner and Broker of Record for Mortgage Connec...
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Trevor Hicking, Mortgage Broker

Trevor Hicking

Mortgage Broker

A 15 year career as a pilot brought Trevor to Calgary from the West Coast 5 years ago. The flexibility of the aviation industry has a...
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Jackie Jones, Mortgage Broker

Jackie Jones

Partner/Mortgage Broker

Jackie began her mortgage career in 2007. She became a mortgage broker out of a major passion for real estate and ownership of rental ...
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Amy Miller, Mortgage Broker

Amy Miller

Mortgage Broker

Amy began her career in real estate in 1999 and joined Mortgage Connection as a Mortgage Broker in 2003 and has been a huge part of th...
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Shannon Lazorko, Mortgage Broker

Shannon Lazorko

Mortgage Broker

A born and raised Calgarian, Shannon has deep roots in Alberta both personally and professionally. Shannon began her career 20 years ...
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Owen Langis, Mortgage Broker

Owen Langis

Mortgage Broker

Born in Ontario, but spending most of his life in Calgary-Owen considers Alberta his true home. After a career is sales, he became a ...
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Triston Scott, Mortgage Broker

Triston Scott

Mortgage Broker

Having been a mortgage broker since 2003, Triston developed a strong foundation in the industry by being mentored from some of Calgary...
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Rob Donaldson, Mortgage Broker

Rob Donaldson

Mortgage Broker

Rob was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, but headed west and has called Calgary home since 1992. He has been immersed in the mortg...
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Wes Jones, Mortgage Broker

Wes Jones

Mortgage Broker

Wes moved to Alberta to attend the University of Alberta on a wrestling scholarship where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry. ...
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Christopher Chung, Mortgage Broker

Christopher Chung

Partner/Mortgage Broker

Chris has been a Mortgage Broker for 12 years and prior to this he worked for a Big 5 bank for five years. Chris enjoys educating new...
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Patti Crellin, Mortgage Broker

Patti Crellin

Mortgage Broker

A born and raised Albertan, Patti attended the University of Calgary where she graduated with a major in Mathematics and a joint minor...
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Alex Rupprecht, Mortgage Broker

Alex Rupprecht

Mortgage Broker

Alex is a born and raised Albertan. He attended Vancouver Island University where he obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration wi...
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Allan Bowerman, Mortgage Broker

Allan Bowerman

Mortgage Broker

Allan was born in Vancouver and moved to Edmonton to attend the University of Alberta in 1991 and has called Alberta home ever since. ...
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Skye McLean, Mortgage Broker

Skye McLean

Mortgage Broker

With over 18 years of experience in the financial industry, Skye has helped thousands of clients with professional mortgage advice and...
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Greg Foss, Mortgage Broker

Greg Foss

Partner/Mortgage Broker

Born and raised in a small farming community, Greg brings a strong work ethic and community spirit into his mortgage business. Helping...
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Gregg Buhs, Mortgage Broker

Gregg Buhs

Mortgage Broker

Gregg was born and raised in Saskatchewan and relocated to Calgary in 2002 after completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance...
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Joe Jacobs, Mortgage Broker

Joe Jacobs

Managing Partner/Mortgage Broker

Joe began his mortgage career in 2004 and is a Managing Partner with Mortgage Connection and the Commercial Division. Leading a team f...
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Colin Ward, Mortgage Broker

Colin Ward

Mortgage Broker

I have been a mortgage broker for 13 years and have seen the good and the bad times in the market. I love the challenge and helping p...
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Jad Virk, Mortgage Broker

Jad Virk

Mortgage Broker

A born and raised Calgarian, Jad attended Mount Royal University where he graduated with a degree in Finance. Upon graduation Jad bega...
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Erika Huska, Mortgage Broker

Erika Huska

Mortgage Broker

A born and raised Calgarian, Erika graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance. Like many other Ca...
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Chris Lew, Mortgage Broker

Chris Lew

Mortgage Broker

Born in Toronto, but moved to Calgary as a young child. Chris has a Human Resource and IT background, along with a few years working i...
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Stacey Lush, Mortgage Broker

Stacey Lush

Mortgage Broker

Stacey is a born and raised Calgarian and is deeply connected to the community. She began a career in real estate in 2000 and after ...
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Tamara Gossen, Mortgage Broker

Tamara Gossen

Mortgage Broker

Tamara’s passion for real estate was realized early with the purchase of her first home purchase at the age of 19! Her expertise of th...
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Tracy Glover, Mortgage Broker

Tracy Glover

Partner/Mortgage Broker

Tracy is passionate about helping people and Calgary. With a diverse background in Real Estate Law and an educational background in Re...
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Jordan Halas, Mortgage Broker

Jordan Halas

Associate Mortgage Broker to Mitch Chicoine

Jordan is a homegrown Calgarian and joined our team in early 2020 bringing with him over 14 years of financial services experience. Wi...
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Lindsey Wright, Mortgage Broker

Lindsey Wright

Mortgage Broker

Lindsey Wright is an award-winning Calgarian who brings local knowledge and unshakable professionalism to Mortgage Connection. A seaso...
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Jonathan Quinlan, Mortgage Broker

Jonathan Quinlan

Mortgage Broker

Jonathan began his mortgage career 10 years ago with a top 5 bank. Recognizing the product range available in the broker channel he ma...
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Danny Burton, Mortgage Broker

Danny Burton

Mortgage Broker

Danny is a born and raised Calgarian and has been crunching numbers in the auto industry as a finance manager for 20 years. The idea o...
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Becca Fisk, Mortgage Broker

Becca Fisk

Partner/Mortgage Broker

In 2015 Becca entered the mortgage brokerage industry, which was a great match with her business degree and customer service experienc...
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Leah Barron, Mortgage Broker

Leah Barron

Mortgage Broker

Leah is a born and raised Calgarian and has been working as a mortgage broker for 13 years. She loves helping people achieve their fin...
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Ryan Iannone, Mortgage Broker

Ryan Iannone

Mortgage Broker

A born and raised Albertan, Ryan attended the University of Lethbridge where he played hockey and completed a degree in Finance. Upon ...
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Alexis McNeill, Mortgage Broker

Alexis McNeill

Mortgage Broker

Alexis has a natural ability to connect with people. Being in the healthcare industry for 10 years, Alexis has a knack for making peop...
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Sheldon Phillips, Mortgage Broker

Sheldon Phillips

Mortgage Broker

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Sheldon moved to Calgary with his wife to raise their young family several years ago. He began his ca...
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Tanya Norton, Mortgage Broker

Tanya Norton

Mortgage Broker

Tanya was born and raised in Grande Prairie and has called Calgary home for the last 18 years. After a successful career in Oil &...
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Joel Bates, Mortgage Broker

Joel Bates

Mortgage Broker

Joel is a born and raised Calgarian and has been an active Mortgage Broker since 2012. Prior to his career in the mortgage industry, J...
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Natalia Taranova, Mortgage Broker

Natalia Taranova

Mortgage Broker

Natalia came to Canada from Russia with her family over twenty five years ago. She brought with her extensive experience in the financ...
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Jessica Rooney, Mortgage Broker

Jessica Rooney

Mortgage Broker

Jessica is a born and raised Calgarian and has been an active mortgage broker since 2012. She enjoys the challenge of working in a c...
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Jay Tysoski, Mortgage Broker

Jay Tysoski

Mortgage Agent

Jay is a natural people person and committed to helping people accomplish their goals. It was no coincidence that Jay found himself i...
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Mehak Malhotra, Mortgage Broker

Mehak Malhotra

Mortgage Broker

Mehak attended the University of Alberta where she graduated with a Marketing Degree. Mehak began her career with a Big 5 bank where s...
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Reagan Wright, Mortgage Broker

Reagan Wright

Mortgage Broker

Reagan has called Calgary home for many years, but still has strong Saskatchewan roots. She has been a mortgage broker for 13 years a...
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Leah Higgelke, Mortgage Broker

Leah Higgelke

Partner/Mortgage Broker

Leah has had a passion for real estate since a very young age and was fortunate to be able to buy her first property at 22.  In 2012, ...
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Operations Manager

Tara Beattie, Underwriting

Tara Beattie

Operations Lead

Tara brings a wealth of experience from the banking, lending and sales world. She is instrumental in working with our team-with a focus on internal growth for our individual mortgage brokers, lender relationships and community impact.

When not engulfed in the world of mortgages, Tara, along with her husband, will likely be found chasing her two sons around the hockey rink.

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Jasmyn Byman, Underwriting

Jasmyn Byman


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Joe Toteda, Underwriting

Joe Toteda


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Mina Roxas, Underwriting

Mina Roxas


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Client Relations

Penny Booker, Client Relations

Penny Booker

Client Relations

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Karen Rabara, Client Relations

Karen Rabara

Client Relations

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