Amanda Pivar

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Amanda Pivar

Mortgage Agent, Level C

Office: 416-985-4766
License #: M14001004
Sponsoring Brokerage #: FSRA# 13097
License Type: Agent Level 2

About Amanda:

Location: Alberta & Ontario

Amanda has a long history of experience in the mortgage industry on both the broker and bank sides. After graduating from university, she began working in the underwriting department at First National Financial. This experience gave her the knowledge and skills needed to become a Mortgage Agent.

After moving on from her underwriting position, Amanda became a Mortgage Specialist at Scotiabank and found her passion for helping clients find the right mortgage to fit their unique needs. Although she enjoyed the work she was doing, she quickly realized the bank did not offer enough products for her clients’ long-term financial goals and decided to become a Mortgage Agent.

Over the past seven years as a Mortgage Agent, she has helped 100’s of clients fulfill their real estate dreams. Year over year, Amanda has been recognized as one of the top 10% of mortgage agents in Canada.

Amanda is excited to continue to help families and individuals navigate their residential mortgage journey!

Based in Ontario

Speaks English

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