Croft Axsen, Mortgage Broker

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Croft Axsen

Mortgage Broker

Cell: 403-830-6972
License #: M13000768
License Type: Agent Level 1

About Croft:

Location: Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, & Ontario

Croft began his mortgage career in 1989 as a Mortgage Underwriter with Jencor Mortgage Corporation and has been a proud co-owner of Jencor since 1995, with his business partner Judy Benteau.

As the Broker on Record, Croft personally reviews every mortgage file before submission to the Lenders. This extra step at the time of booking allows Croft to make sure the deal is partnered with the right Jencor Underwriter, based on their expertise and gives the clients the best experience possible. With his open door policy and commitment to his staff, Croft is not only seen as a sounding board of knowledge but a mentor to all. Croft has personally analyzed and arrange over 100,000 mortgage applicants.

Through his dedication and unique business model focused on client needs, Croft has been able to establish Jencor as a much sought after partner by major lenders. These partnerships provide the companies clientele with preferred service, pricing and a common sense approach to home financing.

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