Zach Zaherie, Mortgage Broker

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Zach Zaherie

Mortgage Broker

Office: 403-700-7614

About Zach:

Zach Zaherie is a proud partner in the Three Peaks Mortgages team. His main focus is helping people become proud homeowners. Zach’s philosophy is understanding that mortgages are not one-size-fits-all. It is necessary to consider the entirety of people’s financial picture, background, and experience to create a customized and comprehensive plan to meet homeownership goals. It is through this process that Zach best utilizes his experience and strong relationships in the industry. Zach believes that everyone deserves the proper guidance while navigating the mortgage landscape and he aims to take the guesswork out of the fine print. His straightforward approach focuses on leaving clients feeling comfortable and confident in their mortgage decisions. Zach is willing to go the extra mile to support clients and understands that building a healthy client-broker partnership is the best way to cross the mortgage finish line.

Away from the office, Zach’s schedule is full of family time with his wife and three daughters. He also spends quality time with his parents, two brothers, and extended family. You can catch Zach stopping pucks as a hockey goalie on the ice, or throwing deep passes as a quarterback on the football field.

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