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Mortgage Broker FAQs
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We get asked a lot of questions, and we are happy to help you find the answers. To help you find the answers you need we will address our four most frequently asked questions in this post.

Are Mortgage Brokers Free?

For most residential transactions, the cost of getting a mortgage through a mortgage broker is not paid by the home buyer (you) but is instead paid by the lending institution providing the mortgage. As such, you do not have to pay for the services of your mortgage broker.

Does it Cost More To Use A Mortgage Broker?

No. Mortgage brokers are able to offer competitive rates that can match or even beat those offered by retail banks. In order to find the right mortgage to suit your financial and homeownership needs and goals. Mortgage brokers are able to offer mortgages from numerous lenders, so they are often able to offer the best pricing match with the best product to suit your needs.

Do Mortgage Brokers Need to be Licensed?

Licensing requirements for mortgage brokers vary by province, but all mortgage brokers must be licensed. All mortgage brokers must pass a criminal background check and submit their fingerprints. Most jurisdictions also require mortgage brokers to undergo credit checks and have a minimum level of experience and education in order to operate. Additionally, all mortgage brokers must usually meet certain pre-license educational requirements and ongoing education requirements to maintain their license. Some may be required to take out a bond or meet certain net worth requirements.

Are Mortgage Brokers Regulated?

Yes. Mortgage brokers are regulated and must comply with a variety of rules in order to conduct business.

Applying for a mortgage can seem overwhelming, and you likely have more questions than those we answered here. For more information about the mortgage application process in general and how your unique financial and homeownership goals and needs factor in please speak to your mortgage broker.

Written by Josh Higgelke

Josh is a natural leader and driven entrepreneur. It is fitting that he is a Managing Partner and Broker of Record for Mortgage Connection. Josh has always had a love for everything real estate related and became a Mortgage Broker in 2007.

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